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Feel Good app customized for you

Our free general FeelGoood application reflects a full range of the emotional scaleWe also developed few other FeelGoood applications for narrower topics, such as parenting, my body, etc. However they still can’t satisfy individual requirements for personally resonating words in the app’s affirmations. We produce a special customized version for our clients and this is a valuable part of our Mentorship program.

After we receive a request for customized app from you we will ask you the following questions.

What is your desire?

What is your goal?

What is your ideal outcome? Describe specific details. 

Why is your current situation not satisfying you? 

If you had a chance to revenge your enemies, what would you do to them? (This is a part of soothing mental exercise to receive relief you needed to move forward.) 

What are you afraid of? (Relate to this topic)

Why do you think you need help? (What bothers you.)

Why do you think you will succeed? 

What do you know about yourself? Describe yourself.

What do you really want? 

How much are you in a hurry to reach your goal? 

How much are you determined? (Are you willing to work with your thoughts minimum 15 minutes twice a day?)

When your customized stream of affirmations is ready we test it for couple of days and improve it according to the test results. The custom app is included into an intensive every day Mentorship program as a guiding tool for your success in the particular topic of your desire. It also can be purchased and used separately from the mentorship program. It will be added as a custom topic to the FeelGoood app in your mobile device (iPhone or Android).

FeelGoood Customized Topic
FeelGoood Customized Topic is developed specifically to our customers to read it from the FeelGoood mobile app on their devices. This stream of affirmations individually elaborated to meet individual requirements of the users. It includes personally resonating words and phrases that led to better feeling thoughts on a chosen subject. In terms of Abraham Hicks teachings it is a focus wheel written for your benefit. It is a valuable part of FeelGoood Mentorship, but can be purchased separately. This topic is intended to keep your mind focused on better feeling thoughts about your chosen subject. You develop a new thinking habit if you read this topic at least once a day, and sustain it for gathering positive momentum toward your desire. Specify your topic of desire below. We will contact you by email with further instructions.
Price: $299.00
Topic of your desire:


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